Thursday, August 13, 2015

Life Is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory Finished

Game: Life Is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Release Date: 2015
Platform: PC
Date Started: July 29, 2015
Date Finished: July 29, 2015

In this episode the girls break into principal's office at night in order to look for more clues about Rachel Amber and Kate being drugged. The way Max enters the locked office is really clever and it hasn't cross my mind that her power could be used in that way. There are a lot of quiet moments in this episode where Max and Chloe just chill and talk about life or Max and Joyce go through old family album. These scenes feel genuine and strengthen character relationships. We also find more about some side characters like Frank, Rachel and Nathan. By the episode 3 Max got out of her shell and she's much more confident than before and even Chloe mentions that.

Max and Chloe can potentially be more than just best friends

In the reviews for the first 2 episodes I complained a lot about illogical puzzles. Episode 3 doesn't suffer from that. There is a cool verbal "puzzle" where you talk to 3 people in the diner and use the information you got from one on the others, all while rewinding time, manipulating them all in order to get the keys. There are a lot more dialogue options in this episode. I like that Max can have fun with her rewind power and do some dangerous things just to see what happens. On the other hand nosebleeds and headaches from episode 2 seem to be completely gone now, although she sometimes comments on how careful she must be with overusing her power. Ashly Burch, the actress who plays Chloe, did a great job in this episode. She really nailed the emotional scenes. We found out that Max's powers are far greater than she imagined when she jumps way back in time while focusing on the old photograph. Focusing with keyboard and mouse was pretty clunky but I've heard it's a lot easier with a controller. The ending changes everything completely and I haven't seen it coming. Life Is Strange is getting better and better with each episode.

First snow, then eclipse and now dead animals. Tinkering with time has consequences 

+ ending
+ character relationships
+ more dialogue options                    

- clunky focus controls
- what happened to nosebleeds and headaches?


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