Monday, December 15, 2014

Recent Game Pickups

Even tho I'm kinda stuck on Mortal Kombat II, I couldn't resist buying some more games. These are the titles that were added to my collection in a last couple of months.

Total cost: $13.5

All of these were new, still sealed in plastic. They were on sale in a local game store so I got them really cheap. The Getaway was $4.45 while the other ones were just $2.2 a piece. I remember Aquanox was one of the best looking games when it came out and it was used as a graphic benchmark. The best find among these is Alpha Polaris, a point and click adventure game set on icy Greenland. This game is best experienced if you don't know anything about it.

The Getaway is known for it's accurate recreation of London so they included the map. The other side is a poster. Pretty cool
Used copy for $35. Good condition, complete with the manual. 
An atmospheric psychological horror exclussive for GameCube. I heard it's really good and a must play for any horror fan.

Devil May Cry was $12.5. I would rather get non-platinum version but at least it's new (sealed). Brand new Haunting Ground for $19 was an awesome find. It is a survival horror game, a spiritual successor to Clock Tower series. I've heard it's pretty rare in the US. So rare the price goes up to $100 but here in Europe it's much cheaper. Metal Gear Solid (used but in great condition) was $22.5. It contains a Silent Hill demo disc. Really looking forward to that one since I haven't played any MGS game before.

$45 for the used game and a memory card (shipping price included). Not the best deal but I'm glad I finally got it, especially since I'll play it right after I'm done with MK4 (which might take a while with my snail progress). I guess Mythologies was intended to be a series that could explore every MK character, starting with the most popular one - Sub-Zero. Too bad it was commercial and critical failure so they never made another one. But that won't stop me from playing...

Quake was only $8.5, Heart of Darkness $13 and Koudelka $20.  Quake has always been my favorite game series so I'm really happy I finally got a copy of Quake 1. Heart of Darkness is absolutely gorgeous game. The character animation is so smooth it feels more like watching a well animated cartoon than playing a video game. It's hard to believe the average review score for this game was around 70-75% at a time. I honestly think this game would be a big indie hit if it came out today. Koudelka is pretty unusual JRPG horror. I played the first two hours of it just to see what it's like. So far I liked it even tho combat can be very slow. The voice acting is pretty good (especially for that time) but the dialogue can be cringeworthy at times.

Complete Quake
Funny FAQ

One of the things I decided to do when I started this blog is to build a game collection. Now I feel like the collecting has gotten a bit out of hand, especilly since I'm still stuck at MK II and I have one game at at time rule so I have to finish it before moving on to the next one. It's clear that some time will pass until I get to play the new games. Sometimes I buy a game just because there's a big sale or I see an older title and I'm afraid if I don't get it now, I won't be able to find it new or in such a good condition later. The result is having a lot of games just sitting on the shelf, waiting to be played. I don't really regret getting these but will stop buying new games until I actually beat the ones I already own.