Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It's hard to keep up with gaming when you work 13 hours a day. There hasn't been much progress with Mortal Kombat II. I haven't beaten the game with a single character yet but I got better with Liu Kang adn improved my timings. There are total 13 opponents to beat and on my best try I managed to beat 8 of them. I laugh every time someone says Dark Souls is hard. They clearly haven't played Mortal Kombat vs AI. I was close to the end in Heart of Darkness when the game stopped loading and I found out the disk was damaged. I got a replacement CD so I'll finish that one soon. Life Is Strange should be a quick one too. I actually already finished the leaked version of episode 2 so I pretty much know everything that is going to happen but I'll play through it again since this is the proper finished version. It's gonna be interesting to see what has been changed and what little details have been added. Aside from these 3 games I'm planning to start a lot more. I've been playing a little bit of HeartStone so I'll add it on the list and set some goals for it. I bought all Starcraft games during the sale discount so I'll play a lot of those, starting with the original naturally.

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