Friday, January 23, 2015

Update / removing one game at a time rule

Haven't updated this blog in a while. Still haven't bean able to beat MKII with a single character. Honestly it felt impossible at times and I was thinking about lowering the difficulty to very easy. But once I played on easy, I was breezing through the enemies without any problem whatsoever and it didn't feel fulfilling at all, it felt like cheating. so I decided to stick with normal mode and in the meantime I learned some juggling combos with my current character Liu Kang and the game suddenly doesn't feel unbeatable.

  Removing rule 2 - one game at a time

When I started this blog I set some basic rules for beating the games. The second rule was one game at a time- I have to finish the game before moving on to the next one. I set this rule because it would allow me to completely focus on one game since besides playing it I also like to research it's development, put it into perspective and see what made the game special at a time it came out etc. Now I decided to remove this rule because of various reasons. In 2014 I have only finished a single game - Mortal Kombat. It took me 7 months to beat it and then I got stuck on it's even more difficult sequel. I get tired of playing MK after 2 games in a row so now I could play something else in the meantime. I also want to play new games along with the old ones and there are times when I feel like playing a specific game or a genre. I'd like to play horror games during the Halloween for example. So removing this restricting rule allows me to do all of these things.

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