Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Welcome to Gaming Catch-Up. I am a hardcore gamer who had to put gaming aside for the last 8 years (except for some Quake here and there). Now, in my mid-twenties, I'm back and I have some catching up to do. Unfortunately I have to start with some older games until a buy a new PC because right now I only have a very old laptop. There will be no list of the games that I'm supposed to beat because if there was, it would be endless. Initially the idea was to start with games from my backlog. I picked Mortal Kombat 4 to be the first one to beat because I thought that a fighting game would be an easy one to finish. Soon my OCD and completionist spirit kicked in and told me that I can't just start with a 4th installment in the series, I have to beat the previous 3 games first. When I get a good gaming PC, I plan to play newer games along with old the ones. I'd also like to get my hands on other platforms that I don't have and maybe even build a game collection in the process.

The Rules
  1. I can choose whatever game I want to play
  2. I have to finish the game before moving on to the next one
  3. For each game I will set conditions which have to be fulfilled in order for it to be counted as "finished" *
* For single player game it could be beating a main story and seeing credits roll. For multiplayer games it can be a specific amount of hours put into them. For some genres like fighting games it could be something like beat the game with every single character. I have the right to change the conditions in case they turn out to be unrealistic or impossible for me to achieve.

All game ratings will be completely subjective.

Favorite games: 
Quake III / Live, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, RTCW: Enemy Territory, Pokemon Yellow

Systems owned:
PC, PS2, Mega Drive, Game Boy Pocket, GBA

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